Princess Diana

Princess Diana, 1987. If there was ever a way to measure beauty and/or significance in the late 20th century, it was via whether or not you had a beanie baby made after you. Not only did the Princess of Wales have stuffed animal representation, but her fashion sense was categorically smashing. You can search her name + any color on the back of a Crayola box and Google will supply you with an endless feed of photos featuring the Queen's heir humbly flexing on humanity in afore-searched color. Here she is in a strawberry cheesecake combo, lookin' brilliant. You are dearly missed. Long Live the Queen.


Pauline Hoarau

Taking a break from relevancy this week to pull from the archives with @paulinehoarau. You archaeological dig lookin' honey. I'm trying to unearth some chemistry between us. Cut right through the carbon dating and get to the actual dating. I've got a joint and two tickets to the American Museum of Natural History that say you don't currently have a favorite dinosaur. Let's make it happen before the next meteor strike. 


Shelly Johnson

Shelly Johnson of Twin Peaks. Talk about thee deluxe package. Level of beauty: low-key gorgeous. Level of mystery: Da Vinci Code. Level of want: Chickfila on a Sunday. I'm not even trying to chill. I'm ready to move in, start a family tonight.